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HullSpeed® Performance Marine Coatings was established in 2002 and has been helping marine vessels go faster & cleaner for over 10 years. The proprietary water-borne epoxy/silicone technology combines the ideal characteristics of epoxy and silicone to create a hard/durable, high performance surface that is eco-friendly from application to end-use. The patented technology is leading the way for the next generation of marine coatings and bottom paints.

Greenfield Manufacturing, Inc. is a competitive contract chemical manufacturing company meeting customer requirements to supply manufactured goods and product development not logistically feasible from existing facilities. Greenfield Mfg., Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of HullSpeed® coatings.

Greenfield Manufacturing, Inc., among other projects and chemistries, is focused on the development and implementation of high performance coatings into a wide range of markets and industries. Other manufactured products include industrial water treatment chemistries, rubber additives, adhesives, specialty coatings, specialty packaging, mixing and more.

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Saratoga Chemical Co., LLC

HullSpeed® products are designed to improve speed, acceleration, fuel economy, and maneuverability by providing the ideal surface energy for drag reduction and performance.

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