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What is HullSpeed?

HullSpeed is a line of performance bottom paints. They’re designed to improve speed, hole shot, fuel economy and ease of hull cleaning/maintenance.

Will applying HullSpeed void my warranty?

No, the HullSpeed application is simply another coating for the hull such as a wax but way better. You’re not altering any load bearing or engine components.

How is HullSpeed applied?

You can apply HullSpeed yourself or at a boat shop or dealership. You have to be able to block or hang the boat which most people aren’t able to do unfortunately. For aluminum boats, tape off a waterline and the lower unit and prep with a scotch-brite pad to remove any dirt or oxidization. Clean with acetone or other cleaner. Apply 3 coats with a foam roller, 10 min between coats, leave hanging or blocked for 24hrs. For fiberglass hulls, tape off waterline and lower unit. Prep with 150 grit sandpaper with a DA or other power sander, clean with acetone or other cleaner. Apply 3 coats, 10 min between coats, leave hanging or blocked for 24 hrs. Clean and dilute with water.

How much does an application cost?

A gallon retails at $249.00 if you’re going to do it yourself plus rollers, trays, tape…, a shop or dealer will normally charge between $800-$1200 including paint.

Do I paint the entire bottom of my boat?

For best performance results yes. Any part of the boat that is in the water from the bow eye to the lower unit should be coated.

How much speed will I gain with a HullSpeed application?

Speed gains have been recorded from as little as 1mph up to 4mph on the top end as well as low and mid range speeds.

How much fuel will I save with a HullSpeed application?

Fuel economy improvements have been recorded from 1%-8%.

Will HullSpeed improve my hole shot?

Yes. 1/2 mile acceleration tests have recorded 2 sec faster times than uncoated.

Will Hullspeed affect handling?

No and Yes. The chines and hull design will do their job regardless of the application so cornering and handling will not be affected but a lot of people have said cornering, acceleration and deceleration are noticeably smoother with HullSpeed. When decelerating however, some people have said the stopping time is slightly increased so be aware of that when approaching cover or structures.

Will HullSpeed help prevent osmotic blistering?

Yes. HullSpeed is an epoxy coating therefore providing additional protection from blistering and abrasion.

Is the finished surface suppose to be textured?

Yes. With a rolled application, the surface will be textured, this is normal. With a sprayed application you will still get an ‘orange peel’ finish, it’s just the nature of the chemistry. None the less the boat will be faster and easier to clean than standard gelcoat or bottom paint.

What can Hullspeed be used for?

Hullspeed can enhance various racing, sports, military, commercial and recreational marine vessels performance for rowing, sailing, off-shore powerboat racing, hydroplane racing, jet boat racing, fishing, bass fishing, sport fishing, pontoon boats, air boats, rec motor boats, jet ski, passenger ferries, commercial fishing vessels, off-shore supply vessels, patrol boats, navy swift boats, floatplane, seaplanes, canoe, kayak, surf, paddle board and more!

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HullSpeed® products are designed to improve speed, acceleration, fuel economy, and maneuverability by providing the ideal surface energy for drag reduction and performance.

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