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Pro-Environment, Performance Enhancing, Foul-Release bottom paint.

With the gradual banning of heavy metal and toxic antifoul paints, and with perpetually rising fuel costs, the marine industry is looking for environmentally conscious, cost saving alternatives. HullSpeed.us™ Performance Marine Coatings, a division of Greenfield Mfg. Inc. in Saratoga Springs, NY has developed just that.

HullSpeed.us™ manufactures a family of water based epoxy/silicone coatings. The bottom paint provides the rugged tenacity of epoxy and the foul release/speed properties of silicone without any negative environmental impact unlike most current antifouling marine paints. HullSpeed.us™ coatings continue to exhibit improved speed and/or reduced fuel consumption when compared to current antifoul paints at the same engine load.

HullSpeed.us™ Performance Marine Coatings was established in 2002 making its debut in the performance sailing industry. With applications in the Volvo Ocean Race, Sydney-Hobart race, Newport-Bermuda race, J-class, A-class and many other performance sailing classes and campaigns, HullSpeed.us™ is a true innovator in speed. Current applications spread across the commercial, industrial, patrol, recreational and performance marine markets. Improved speed, fuel economy and ease of cleaning have been realized on hulls after applying HullSpeed.us™. Continued positive test results and testimonials are drawing attention to durable foul-release coatings and the evolution of pro-environment, performance bottom paints.

HullSpeed.us™ Performance Marine Coatings are water based paints that do not contain copper, zinc, or any other heavy metals or biocides. HullSpeed.us™ can be spray or roller applied directly over traditional primer or barrier products without the need for a ‘Tie’ coat. HullSpeed.us™ coatings have a 3-5+ year life depending on use.

Although HullSpeed.us™ coatings were designed for marine applications, the ruggedness combined with the low energy release characteristics have application potential across a wide array of markets including but not limited to the automotive, energy and aeronautical industries.

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HullSpeed® products are designed to improve speed, acceleration, fuel economy, and maneuverability by providing the ideal surface energy for drag reduction and performance.

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