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HullSpeed Smart Armor rises to the top

HullSpeed SMART ARMOR, the coating that’s making the difference when it counts.

 Mike Iaconelli ran aground on the bank of the Sabine River, TX after hitting a submerged log. He had SMART ARMOR on his hull… and ran the same boat/hull for the rest of the tournament, and the season. Randy Howell noticed an 11% fuel economy improvement which allowed him to run further without re-fueling and save $$$ during practices and tournaments.

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HullSpeed Coatings Partners with Bass U

HullSpeed® Performance Marine Coatings has joined The Bass University team for 2014 and 2015. One of the primary objectives of The Bass University is to expose anglers to the most cutting edge techniques, tips, and products available. HullSpeed’s advanced hull coating technology is a perfect fit for The Bass University program.

”I’m super excited that HullSpeed will be joining The Bass University as an official sponsor!” says Mike Iaconelli, co-founder of The Bass University. “HullSpeed has become a key piece of equipment on my bass boat over the last few years and has so many benefits to every angler who owns a boat. For me, some of the best benefits include: better top end speed, better hole shot, ease of handling, longer trolling motor life, and keeping the boat bottom protected and clean. HullSpeed is going to become standard equipment for anglers who want to get better performance, durability, and gain a competitive advantage over the competition.”

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‘Local company making its way to the top of the fishing industry’

HullSpeed® Performance Marine Coatings is located in Saratoga Springs, NY. A product of Greenfield Mfg., Inc., HullSpeed® coatings have been making boats go faster for over 10 years.

The chemistry that has been fueling HullSpeed®’s success is a proprietary technology developed by Greenfield Mfg., Inc. (GMI). A waterborne epoxy/silicone co-polymer, HullSpeed® coatings not only improve hull performance but they are also eco-friendly from application to end use. In addition to performance and eco-friendliness, HullSpeed® products help extend hull life and durability.

Protection and durability of a fishing boat, especially a bass fishing boat, is a top concern for any angler. In order to catch all types of fish, you need to find them first. Sometimes finding them means putting your boat through rough water and over grass, logs, sand and more but, now anglers are doing that with more confidence and peace of mind.

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Saratoga Chemical Co., LLC

HullSpeed® products are designed to improve speed, acceleration, fuel economy, and maneuverability by providing the ideal surface energy for drag reduction and performance.

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