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Emirates Team New Zealand launches New AC 72 Chase Tender with HullSpeed

This July Morrelli & Melvin Design & Engineering, Inc. in coordination with Salthouse Boats, launched their latest high speed catamaran chase tender for the Emirates Team New Zealand Americas Cup campaign. The highly efficient and progressive 14 meter design had come out of a need for speed and performance. The AC72’s reach speeds up to 40 knots the team needed a chase tender that could match the speed of the massive multi-hulls and provide support when required. With a little help from HullSpeed™ Performance Marine Coatings, the tender reached a top speed of 58 knots. HullSpeed™ Performance Marine Coatings are eco-friendly water-based epoxy/silicone bottom paints designed for speed & fuel economy improvements. HullSpeed™ marine applications have realized speed and fuel economy improvements up to 9%.

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Extra Speed for the Sporting Fishing Industry

In the beginning of the 2012 season a new bottom paint was applied to a Donzi Daytona 35’ on the southern coast of California. The paint, HullSpeed® 3000, is designed to improve speed, fuel economy and ease of hull cleaning. Mission accomplished. Captain / Owner Eric Stahl of Wide Open Fishing Tours had this to say,

“Our season went good, one of the best in years. The HullSpeed® application went on great and the product was really easy to work with and easy to clean up. Everything was diluted and cleaned with water, a nice change from traditional solvent based paints. I noticed about an 8% fuel economy increase and a 10% increase in overall speed. The product performed great and did everything we were expecting. I would highly recommend HullSpeed® products.”

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2012 A-Class Catamaran World Championships

HullSpeed® Performance Marine Coatings is proud to be an official sponsor and media partner for the 2012 A-Class Catamaran World Championships in Islamorada, FL USA this October.

HullSpeed®Performance Marine Coatings are a unique line of eco-friendly performance bottom paints. HullSpeed® was Established in 2002 with applications in the Volvo Ocean Race, Newport-Bermuda Race, Sydney-Hobart Race, and many other race classes and campaigns. HullSpeed® coatings are a proprietary water-based epoxy/silicone chemistry that produce a very hard and slick performance surface. HullSpeed® coatings help to improve boat speed, performance and ease of hull cleaning.

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Saratoga Chemical Co., LLC

HullSpeed® products are designed to improve speed, acceleration, fuel economy, and maneuverability by providing the ideal surface energy for drag reduction and performance.

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