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“Our season went good and was one of the best in years. The application went on good product was real easy to work with and easy clean up. I noticed about an 8% fuel economy increase and a 10 % increase in overall speed. Product performed great over all it did everything we were expecting.”

Eric Stahl

“After applying HullSpeed SuperGlide, a clear bottom coat, I noticed a significant difference in speed and handling of the boat. This may have had a role in our above average performance top place finishes after the application.”

Tom Sufrage (Lake George Sailing Club,J22)

“I coated my personal ski boat four seasons ago which is kept on Sacandaga Lake in upstate NY. MY boat picked up a knot and a half on the top end and I’ve never had an easier time cleaning a boat at the end of the season and keeping it clean when it’s in the water.”

Duane Palmateer (GMI president, Malibu wakesetter 23)

“The John James Audubon had the aft third painted with HullSpeed 3000-Series two years ago. When the boat was pulled this winter and pressure washed, the ablative anti-fouling paint had come off and was down to primer and the HullSpeed paint next to it remained strongly adhered and cleaned very well.”

Statue Curises inspection (JJA passenger ferry, NY Harbor)

“I coated my personal boat over a year ago and commonly beach it and run in shallow water for fishing. The HullSpeed paint is durable, fast and easy to keep clean.”

Dave Stephanini (USCG capt./ Charlotte County, FL Sheriff)

“We coated the majority of our coaching launch fleet as well as some of our rowing shells with HullSpeed. The launches have been considerably easier to clean and we’ve noticed a reduction in fuel consumption. The rowing shells feel smoother and faster through the water and are easier to clean/keep clean.”

Bob & Bean Tarrant (Saratoga Rowing Association)

“We coated our 26′ open consol rescue boat with HullSpeed. We picked up 3% in speed at high RPM’s and 7% at lower RPM’s. The coating is also very easy to clean.”

Capt. Dan Wanmer (Scotia Fire Dept.)

“Last spring we painted the Spirit of Hudson with HullSpeed 3000-series. After a season of use the coating is in good shape and cleaned easily. Throughout the season we also picked up 9.5% speed at our standard operating rate and reduced fuel consumption by 8% per hour. The people over at HullSpeed must be doing something right…”

Capt. Guy Falkenheimer (Hudson Cruises, Inc. 57′ paddlewheel cruiser)

“Our PB 400 was dry docked for repairs and a bottom paint job. We painted it with HullSpeed 3000-Series and have been impressed with the results. The boat gets up and on plane faster and feels smoother through turns and maneuvers.”

Senior Chief Frank Rodgers(NY Naval Milita)

Saratoga Chemical Co., LLC

HullSpeed® products are designed to improve speed, acceleration, fuel economy, and maneuverability by providing the ideal surface energy for drag reduction and performance.

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